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Peter Gianoli

Public Speaker | Marketing Strategist | Author | Radio Presenter

With over 30 years experience as a marketing expert, Peter Gianoli is a highly sought-after sales and marketing strategist and consumer behaviour specialist who understands high end marketing with success in industries including property, investment, retail food and fashion, charities and many others.


Peter is a leading marketing consultant throughout Australasia using the latest successful sales and marketing strategies.

A sought after sales and marketing specialist based in Perth Western Australia, Peter has developed an international reputation in understanding the changing nature of customers and the marketplace they reside in. Peter has devised a range of strategies to better connect with customers and is constantly evaluating and evolving them to ensure effectiveness.

Because of Peter’s extensive experience, he is in high demand in a number of consulting roles and serves on a number of boards and committees as the voice of marketing.

Peter works with many organisations in developing highly productive sales and marketing teams and his focus is to create sales and marketing strategies that ensure the probability of success.


Peter’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm is injected into his keynote speaking appearances which guarantee to leave audiences motivated, inspired and beaming with positivity.

Peter is equally at home working with blue-chip companies and small business in stimulating thought provoking discussions at conferences, seminars and workshops.

With an extraordinary track record and understanding of sales and marketing, Peter can talk with authority about what is required to succeed in today’s market place. As a trained broadcaster, author and educator, Peter’s point of difference is knowing how to structure his message and providing an appropriate range of resources from his vast publishing platform, that he can leave with audiences to further reinforce their learning.


Peter is also a passionate author and radio presenter. He has many great resources available on his website, including his popular e-book available as a free download, called 'Product Minus Sales Equals Junk'.  People love listening to his weekly podcast 'Monday Sales Coach' and he can be heard giving expert sport commentary on 91.3 Sport FM and playing cool tunes on 92.1 RTRFM.

Let Peter fire up your sales and marketing with great strategies to take your business to the next level.

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